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Divorce requires you to make the biggest financial decisions of your life at a time when you are least capable of doing so.

With our experience and credentials, we can help you navigate through those financial matters whether you are just exploring the process of divorce, in the middle of a divorce, or have already finalized your divorce.

  • Exploring Divorce- you know what you’re getting out of, but do you know what you are getting into. What might life look like after divorce, what are the different ways to approach divorce, how to prepare if you decide to go down the divorce road, what are some things to consider for the after-divorce life

  • In the Divorce Process- how do we support two households, how should we divide our assets and liabilities, how do we divvy up the retirement plans, how will this affect the financial future of our children, what are the tax consequences of our decisions, how will our decisions today affect our future
    In the process, we can work with you on an individual basis, as a part of your team with your Attorney, or as a financial neutral if you have chosen the collaborative legal process

  • After the Divorce- how do I make the most of my money and my assets, how do my retirement years look, what do I do with my retirement and investment assets